Creditwolf. Pay bills.Access loans.Transfer money.

Reforming the standards of the fintech industry and
providing top-notch financial services one transaction at a time.

Accessing loans has never been so easy


Simple! Send money as easily
as sending a message

Fund your digital wallet and make transfers to your
friends and family.
A global payment system

You can choose to leave your money in your digital
wallet without fear of bank charges being deducted.

Your money arrives instantly

You can also choose to keep a balance in the wallet
or withdraw in your local currency.

Invest Through Fixed Deposits

With our array of fixed deposit plans, you can earn up to 30% interest per annum on your initial investment

Pay Bills

With our digital wallet, you can transfer funds from your bank account to pay for your utilities anytime, from any location

Nano Loans

Get instant loans with no collateral at reasonable interest rates. We understand how urgent the need for loans is and respond promptly to loan requests.

A single app that takes care of all your financial needs at your fingertip.

CREDIT WOLF is a digital bank that provides you with a single app that takes care of all your financial needs at your fingertip. Whether you are an individual looking to invest or start a business, we have you covered with our lineup of financial services.

Creditwolf is a new digital wallet that allows fast electronic payments. We ensure you are the manager of your own finances

Get answers to common questions about Creditwolf

What is CreditWolf?

CreditWolf is a product of Voltwolf Limited and a digital bank that provides you with a single app that takes care of all your financial needs at your fingertip. We provide investment and savings plans with terrific interest rates, payment and lending services at pocket-friendly rates.

Where is Credit Wolf located?

CreditWolf is located in Lagos, Nigeria, but we operate nationwide. This is what differentiates CreditWolf from other banks; we function effectively irrespective of your location as long as you have a smartphone or laptop and internet access.

Why is my BVN required?

Your BVN is used to verify the information you provided upon registration.

What is a CreditWolf wallet?

This a virtual account on the CreditWolf from which you can make payments, create savings plans and invest in fixed deposit plans.

How do I get a higher loan amount?

Once you take loans are repay early, you can unlock a higher loan amount. Good performance can upgrade your loan amounts to up to N50,000 and N100,000.

Why can’t I access loans on Credit Wolf?

There are a number of reasons loans can get declined. The top reasons are unpaid loans and credit score.

A bank account with no hidden fees

Creditwolf has loan amounts ranging from ₦5,000 to ₦100,000 available. There is no requirement for collateral. Interest rates are set by a variety of factors, including your repayment history and Creditwolf's cost of lending.

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